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History of Turkish Okey

The History of Okey is without a doubt directly linked with the history of every single rummy game out there. This is true because Okey is basically a rummy form and shares it's history with every single rummy game type out there. Most of these tile games have a similar structure when talking about game play. The similarity in patterns is highly visible when we look at the rules that are associated with drawing cards and discarding them in every single turn. Basically the player uses tiles (or cards in some variations) in order to create sets and runs. A set is a group of 3 to 4 tiles that have the exact same value and different colors while a run is made out of consecutive cards of the same suit. You need to have 3 minimum tiles in a set.

Rummy games are believed to have first appeared around 2 centuries ago. We know of different history versions and there is no certainty that one of them is really correct. Some historians say that rummy originated in New York around the 19th century while others believe that the main origins of rummy are rooted in Chinese Mahjong, a game that stands out as highly similar from some points of view. Mahjong sees players draw and discard cards and historians also know of the existence of some popular Chinese card games originating from the 18th similar that are similar to rummy.

"We are sure that the evolution of Okey history will continue, mainly because of the online popularity that the game enjoys at the moment."

Another possibility stands in rummy being created thanks to the influences of Spanish communities while migrating towards western countries. We know of the existence of the game Conquian. It shares a lot of similarities to one of the most popular forms of rummy, Gin Rummy. According to some people this game is the real ancestor of the highly popular rummy games we play today. If we look at this belief further we can say that it puts even extra emphasis on the fact that rummy might have appeared in New York. This is true as Gin Rummy is one game we know that appeared in this city during late 19th century.

We are sure you understand why the history of Okey can be really confusing for most people. We do not really know why the game started to be so popular in the whole of Turkey and the exact time-frame when this happened. The facts that we are aware of are linked with a highly rising popularity. Due to it we are now in front of a new chapter in the history of Okey. The game has been included in a lot of online casinos and there are even special sites where you will only be able to play rummy games. What is interesting is that you can play the games for free or for money, thus making game play even more attractive.

We are sure that the evolution of Okey history will continue, mainly because of the online popularity that the game enjoys at the moment. We recommend that you seriously consider online play in the event that you want to get better at Okey and at okey tournaments and think about joining only trusted websites that have a proven security and customer support history.