Frequently Asked Questions


At the login screen click on 'Forgot Password' and fill in your registered email address. You will receive a new password at this email address.
No. In protection of the game's integrity end the security of the players account, you can only have one account per email address at Altinstar.
This is not possible. If we find out that a person has multiple accounts, we will eliminate these accounts, the player will lose his APS Points and Stars!
The security of your password is your own responsibility. Never share your account information. We will never ask for your password, the only place you need it is when you want to sign. We recommend that you do change your password regularly.


First, turn off all of your computer and network equipment, then restart it and try to log-in to Altinstar again. If this fails, check if your system date and year are set correctly. Then make sure if you have a firewall or similar software (including proxy or Websense filtering / parental control) installed and whether it is configured correctly to allow Altinstar to connect to the internet.

If all the above fails, please contact us through the Altinstar contact page. When you contact us, please provide as much information about your problem.

Most of the time the broken links are in your local network (modems, cabling, wired and wireless routers, etc.) or by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), sometimes it is caused by the failure of peer routers that are beyond our control.

1. Open the configuration of the firewall.
2. Click on the tab "Programs" or "Applications" (may vary depending on the software you use).
3. Find the files in the list related to Altinstar.
4. Put each of these files on "Run" or "Allow" if they are blocked.

If you can't find any files associated with Altinstar you have to add them manually to the list.

If these instructions do not work, please contact us through the Altinstar contact page and provide the brand and version of the firewall you are using for specific instructions or contact the firewall vendor for support on their software.


Download the software again. Select 'Save' instead of 'Run' and choose the location where you want to save it Once downloaded, you get a question what you want to do with the file, select 'Run'. Otherwise, go to the location where you saved the file and double click the installer to proceed. If this don't work contact us through the Altinstar contact page. Let us know what operating system you are using (e.g. XP, Vista, MacOSX, etc.) and if you have a download manager or security software (e.g. CA Security Suites, Kaspersky, GData, etc.) running on your system. Include the text of any error message you received when you tried to install the software
There are a few possible causes for these errors. First, delete your "Temporary Internet Files" to remove all copies of the installation file. Then, temporarily turn off all security software (anti-virus or firewall) and try download the software again. It is safe to temporarily disable security software while you download our software. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed our software you will need to turn all the security software you just switched off on again. If you have trouble cleaning up temporary files, deleting the installation or disabling of security software, please contact us through the Altinstar contact page for more help.
If you are unable to download from the direct link on our site, it is possible there is a connection issue between you and our servers. Unfortunately our software is not available on disk and can only be obtained by downloading from the Internet. We do have some alternative ways you can get the software. Contact us through the Altinstar contact page and provide us with as much information possible and we will send you other solutions that should be able to solve the problem. The information we need is the browser you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.) and if you have a download manager or security software (e.g. CA Security Suites, Kaspersky, GData, etc.) running on your system. Please send the text of the error messages your received when you tried to download the software.
Altinstar is available for Macintosh. For full instructions on installing Altinstar on your Mac, visit the download page.
Unfortunately, our software is currently not compatible with this type of mobile technology.


Altinstar will never ask your credit card details. Never give your credit card information to third parties.
Contact us through the Altinstar contact page and send all the details of your payment so we can investigate the issue.

It seems money is debited from your credit card but this is not the case. The money is temporarily being held by your bank or card issuer in anticipation of purchases you've tried to do. You can directly contact your bank or card issuer to get information about their policies regarding the detention of money.

If the transaction appears on your official transcript or more than 10 days after the failed transaction on your bank statement, please contact us through the Altinstar contact page.
We offer you the following payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Master Card, Bank Transfer, MobilOdeme (Turkey).


If you cannot see the chat, you may have disabled the chat options in your account. You can enable it on the tab 'Options'.
Some chat forms and topics are not allowed. Players who engage in offensive chat will get a warning or will be banned. The following is prohibited:
  • Profanity: We do not permit profane, vulgar, racist or abusive / insulting chat. The software has the ability to filter out unacceptable words, if a word is filtered, it is not accepted. Players who try to bypass the filter may get a warning or will be banned.
  • Flooding: The sending of multiple and frequent messages in the chat window in order to hinder other players.

Other questions

Do you have ideas or suggestions you can contact us through the Altinstar contact page.
Sitting out in tournaments is permitted at any time.
Probably the emails are seen as SPAM by your email provider. Add Altinstar to the safe list or permitted sender list of the service or software you use or contact your email provider for more details.
Yes you can. Go to the option "Language" at the top of the lobby to choose another language.
Yes, but you cannot exchange information with them about the tiles you have or make any agreements (if you do this, there is collusion, which is strictly forbidden and could result in an account ban).