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Want to Play Okey Rummy? Altinstar provides you the opportunity to play Okey 101 and Düz Okey online with your friends and others around the world. To benefit the players, is constantly updating and following the latest innovations and trends. The Altinstar Okey Lobby gives you a new and exciting way to Play Okey Rummy Online. Don't waste any time and start playing Okey 101 Rummy or Okey Rummy now!
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Play Okey 101 Rummy Online

Altinstar provides you the opportunity to play Okey 101 and Düz Okey online with lots of options to give you an unique experience.

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Learn how to play Okey 101

Altinstar provides you a place to learn how to play Turkish Okey 101 and Düz Okey, practice your Okey Rummy skills and earn bonuses.

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We're happy that you have chosen Altinstar and offer a wide variety of promotions for players of all skill levels to show our appreciation.

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